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Woods County, OK arrest warrant searches are known to bring back a myriad of information depending on the agency you go to for your inquiry. Of course, you will be told about the arrest records and outstanding warrants in the name of your subject, but also, you can find a range of additional information.

To begin with, let us consider the department of the sheriff. The law enforcement agency is in charge of making arrests, petitioning the local tribunal for these orders, serving them, and processing offenders after detention. So, is it any wonder that they have information on every criminal act to have ever occurred in the area?

From the police, you can get information on Woods County’s active warrants against your subject. You can also procure generic details like crime statistics for the area and the current most wanted list, which can be seen on the agency’s notice boards. The magistrate’s office, which has exclusive jurisdiction when it comes to the release of legal directives, including arrest warrants, will also be able to furnish information on criminal history. In addition, you can also find out about bench warrants, criminal summons, search orders, and summons from them.

Included in the triad of agencies that accept requests for information on arrest records and active warrants from Woods County is also the county clerk’s office. This agency has the court dockets database, which contains information on criminal and civil court dockets. To connect with these agencies, you can go to:

  • Law enforcement: 407 Government St, Alva, Oklahoma 73717
  • Judiciary: 407 Government St, Alva, OK 73717
  • County clerk: PO Box 386, Alva, Oklahoma 73717

How do you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Woods County over the phone? (2021-current)   

  • Information about arrests and detainees may be obtained by contacting the Woods County Sheriff’s Office at (580) 327-3434.
  • Information about arrest warrants can be obtained by contacting the judicial office at (580) 327-1596.
  • Information on assistance available to victims may be obtained by contacting the District Attorney’s Office at (580) 256-8616.
  • Information on requesting judicial records and a criminal background check may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Clerk of Court at (580) 327-3119.

Crime statistics of Woods County

Woods County’s yearly crime rate decreased by 30% to 29 incidents in 2019. Of the cases reported, 6 were violent crimes.  These included 1 rape case and 5 violent assaults. Larceny-theft was the subject of almost 14 of the property crime complaints, while burglaries were the subject of 4 of them.

Older crime statistics

From 2001 through 2008, almost 190 criminal incidents were reported in Woods County, Oklahoma. Of the complaints received by the local police, nearly 7% were made in connection with violent criminal acts. Fortunately, there was a drop of almost 20% in this crime category. Yet, overall criminal activity moved in the opposite direction showing a gain of nearly 40%.

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