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A police officer does not need an arrest warrant to apprehend a suspect if he witnesses the crime. If the crime is a felony, the officer only needs to have a reasonable belief that the suspect committed the crime to establish probable cause to make an arrest. If you want to conduct your own warrant search in Delaware County, make sure to search the records at the courthouse and the police department.

Searching for arrest warrants in Delaware County is made difficult by the lack of online support for searches. Delaware County reports its criminal court cases through the On-Demand Court Records website; however, using this website requires registering and paying a fee for access. Therefore, if you want to search for current or closed criminal cases in Delaware County, you should go to the District Court Clerk’s Office located at 327 North 5th Street in Jay, OK (telephone: 918-253-4420). The Clerk’s staff can assist you with searching court cases and obtaining copies of court records.

If you are looking for outstanding warrants or arrest records, you should contact the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. The officers and staff can assist you with searching for active warrants that have not been served yet. They can also provide information about arrest records and current fugitives. The office is at the county courthouse on North 5th Street in Jay, OK.

Delaware County, OK crime rates

Of the nearly 5,400 crimes committed in Delaware County between 2001 and 2008, only a little over 600 of those crimes were violent. Most of the crimes committed were in the categories of theft, burglary, or auto theft. Only 11 murders and 75 rapes were reported during that time. However, during the 10 years from 1999 through 2008, the rate of violent crime in Delaware County increased by over ninety percent while the overall crime rate only grew by fifty-five percent.

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