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An arrest warrant search from Love County, OK, will get you details on every criminal case that the subject was ever involved in. In fact, it is not unusual to find information even on charges filed 10 or more years ago. If you choose the right agency to approach, you may even get data about civil cases along with the arrest records and active warrants.

Because arrests and the execution of detention decrees are the sole responsibility of the sheriff’s office, this is often one of the first places recommended for any inquiry about arrest warrants. The police also perform the function of petitioners for the issue of all Love County active warrants. In contrast, bench warrants are issued by the court on its own without any role played by the cops in the process.

Among the justice agencies that can be approached for inquiries on arrest warrants, the foremost is the magistrate’s office. The sitting judge is the authority who signs all warrants, essentially authorizing arrests of suspects who have been incriminated in felonies and misdemeanors.

The county clerk’s office, which is also a part of the state’s justice juggernaut, plays the role of the official records keeper. So, applicants can find information about Love County outstanding warrants and arrest records and can also access the civil court dockets through this agency. To connect with these justice departments, head over to:

  • Law enforcement: 408 W Chickasaw, Marietta, Oklahoma 73448
  • Judiciary: 405 W Main St, Marietta, OK 73448
  • County clerk: As above

In Love County, Oklahoma, nearly 170 criminal complaints are lodged on an annual basis. Of the reports made, about 10% are filed in connection with violent criminal acts. In the eight years that started in 2001, there was a rise of almost 35% in this crime category while reported criminal activity gained almost 60% cases over those of previous years.

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