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For the police to legally detain you in Muskogee County, OK, you should either have been arrested while committing the crime, or the peace officers ought to have an active arrest warrant in your name. While the police are responsible for executing the warrant and making the arrest, only the local criminal court can issue an active arrest warrant.

Once issued, an arrest order of this kind does not lapse like bench warrants and other detention orders. In essence, you could get arrested even after several years of a warrant being issued in your name. In fact, details about all such outstanding warrants are stored with the local police and the FBI from where they can be accessed by all law enforcement agencies in the country.

To contact the sheriff’s department of Muskogee County, OK, for information on arrest records and for conducting a warrant search, you can visit 220 State St, PO Box 2428, Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401. This address can also be used to mail in a formal request for a background check. While you can get additional information on the procedure by calling on 918-687-0202 and faxing 918-687-9658, don’t expect to be handed over the results over the phone.

For the county clerk’s office, which also maintains similar information in the court dockets, you will need to visit the office of the clerk of court at Corner Of State, and Court Streets, Muskogee, Oklahoma 74402, or you could call on 918-682-9601but remember the number can only be used for non-warrant related information.

If you would rather access this information through the judiciary, visit the magistrate’s court of Muskogee County, Ok at 220 State St, Muskogee, OK 74401, or you could call on 918-682-7873.

While the crime scene in the area is certainly not the worst in the state of Oklahoma, the over 2600 incidents that transpire in the area every year are certainly worrisome. When calculated down to the daily level, the figures indicate that a criminal complaint is filed in Muskogee every 3 hours.

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