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Once an active arrest warrant has been issued against a person in Payne County, OK, the police actively pursue the miscreant to effect the arrest. In cases where the alleged perpetrator is not nabbed immediately or shortly after the release of the warrant, the arrest order is backlogged in the system under the name- outstanding arrest warrant.

Payne’s sheriff’s department is one of the first agencies that you should visit when looking for arrest records. They do allow a warrant search, but you will need to visit their office in person to make such a request. This is done to ensure that wanted criminals are not made privy to information on arrest orders against them.

The law enforcement agency’s office is located at 606 S Husband Rm 106, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074. You will need to take a photo Id along when requesting this data.

The court dockets are another source of information for records on arrest warrants, and the county clerk’s office maintains them. So, you should also approach this agency when seeking criminal background details.

The office of the clerk of the court is situated in 206 Payne County Courthouse, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074. Apart from this judicial agency, the magistrate’s court that issues the arrest decree will also have all records. The office of the magistrate can be found on 315 W 6th Ave Stillwater, OK 74074

Over the phone, how can you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Payne County? (2021-current)  

  • Inquiries about general law and order concerns may be directed to the Sheriff’s Office at (405) 533-6816.
  • Requests for arrest records can be directed to the Administration Division at (405) 533-6808.
  • Inquiries about recent arrests can be directed to the Payne County Jail at (405) 372-4522
  • Inquiries about initiating a judicial record search can be directed to the Office of the Court Clerk at (405) 372-4774.
  • Requests for crime victim’s assistance can be directed to the District Attorney’s Office at (405) 624-2182.
  • Inquiries pertaining to arrest warrants can be taken to the Associate District Judges Office at (405) 372-4380/(405) 747-8383.

Crime statistics of Payne County

In 2019, the Payne Sheriff’s Office received 246 criminal complaints, as opposed to the 325 cases received in 2018. These included 221 property crimes and 25 violent crimes.

The property crimes category included 116 larceny thefts, 64 burglaries, and 41 motor vehicle thefts. The violent crimes category included 21 aggravated assaults and 1 rape.

Older crime statistics

From the year 1999 to 2008, approximately 20,000 crime reports were filed in the county, which works out to nearly 2000 incidents per annum. On average, almost 8 crime complaints are lodged in the area, and in a majority of these instances, the illicit act occurs in close vicinity of the victim’s home.

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