Death penalty sought for man who killed his 3 month old son!

Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office has clarified its intentions to seek capital punishment for Brandon Lamont Ross who has been convicted of killing a child. The defendant was first tried in 2009 for the abuse of his 2 month old daughter who he shook violently. The child suffered physical injuries as a result of the abuse.

Crime Funding of Oklahoma Judiciary

While the other states are incorporating reforms to reduce over criminalization, Oklahoma seems to be moving in the opposite direction. Its judiciary, which is penalty funded, is putting offenders in financial peril as they battle hefty fines, pushing them back into a life of crime in many cases. The revenue generated by making offenders pay their way through the judicial and correctional system is divided by multiple agencies including the court system.

Will Lethal Injection Get the Death Penalty?

Clayton Lockett’s forty-five minute struggle with lethal drugs has caused a lot of questions concerning the death penalty and how it should be carried out. Lockett, an inmate who had been convicted of murder and was on death row awaiting his execution, was administered a lethal cocktail of drugs.

Gangs Probably to Blame for Murder Spike

Oklahoma City is watching a disturbing trend unfold in their city the past few years: murder rates have been rising. In less than 10 years the city’s body count jumped from about 50 a year to almost 75!