About Me

OklahomaThat there in the picture on the side is me. I work as a private investigator and have been handling cases for a very long time, almost 25 years to be precise. Here is a look at what the landscape of my investigations has been like:

I have primarily worked in Florida and Texas, including with the Denton County Sheriff, but have also accepted cases from clients in Arizona and Canada. Most notably among them are The Locators Ltd and International Genealogy Research.

These establishments as well as my private clients typically entrust me the task of locating friends and family members. Sometimes, the goal is to forge ties anew while in other cases, the investigations are carried out with the express purpose of learning about the medical history of ancestors as well as living and deceased distant relations.

When I am working with any organization or a person that is connected with law enforcement, my investigation entails finding people who have skipped town after release on bond. I also do this for bail bond agents. Additionally, I also help law enforcement agencies in locating fugitives and most wanted criminals.

The corporate sector typically brings cases that involve finding owners of homes, vehicles and other moveable and immovable assets. In some cases, particularly when it involves a movable asset like a car, the subjects are people who have bought the vehicle on loan and have taken off with it, dishonoring their loan payments.

Among the investigative tasks that I take on are the cases that I handle without charge for the Unclaimed Person’s Network. This is a national level agency that helps to inform close relatives of decedents, who remain unclaimed in morgues across the country. My work with them involves finding information on next of kin which is then used by coroners and funeral homes.

I tap various national and statewide databases including the TLO to retrieve information on individuals. This helps me to guarantee that I offer the most recent and reliable data to my clients. So, if you have a skip tracing requirement, connect with me today.

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