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For the collection, maintenance and dissemination of criminal history data, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation forged the Information Services Department in 1991. This division maintains a central database of criminal history information collected from various law enforcement and justice agencies across the state.

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act of the Oklahoma, this data is made available to government as well as civilian applicants through two services. The first is a name based inquiry while the second is a finger print based search. Because all case related data in the repository maintained by the OSBI is based on the availability of the fingerprints of the offender whether the information involves mere arrest records or even conviction details, it would be impossible to find details on matters where the fingerprints of the accused could not be taken.

The OSBI repository contains information that is restricted to criminal occurrences that took place within the geographical limits of the state. In other words, you cannot get details on driving and accident records and federally maintained crime data through this agency nor will you be given access to crime history information from other states.

Getting crime history information from the OSBI

Online options: This facility is currently available only for organizational applicants who need 50 or more searches per month. In order to access the Automated Criminal history System, applicants have to establish themselves as billing customers by getting in touch with the OSBI at 405-879-2655.

This is a name based inquiry for which the applicant will need to furnish subject information such as the name, date of birth, gender, race and social security number. While the first and last names of the subject are mandatory search factors, providing additional information will help to get more accurate results. Both organizational and individual applicants can also apply for a fingerprint search; however this cannot be executed online as the fingerprint cards will have to be submitted through mail or in person.

In person and mail inquiries: Even for name based searches, it is possible for individual applicants to send in their inquiries through mail or simply drive down to the agency office and submit their request at the customer window of the OSBI at 6600 North Harvey, Oklahoma City, OK 73116. Mail inquiries can also be sent to this address. However, both in person and mailed search request will have to be accompanied by a completed version of the requisition form available at http://www.ok.gov/osbi/documents/RecordCheckForm.pdf.

Personal inquiries are responded to within a few minutes and even in case of multiple search requests it seldom takes more than the next day to get the results. In contrast, inquiries made through regular mail take three weeks to be processed while priority mail request are answered to within 1 to 3 business days and faxed in search request are responded to in 5 to 8 days.

If you are faxing in your request, make sure that you have a dedicated fax number at your disposal. On the other hand, for mailed in search request, the applicant is required to send a self addressed envelope with postage paid. The charges for arrest records and other crime history information reports from the OSBI are as follows:

  • Fingerprint checks: $19
  • Name based searches: $15
  • Additional fee for search through the DOC’s sex offender and violent criminal database: $2

Applicants can pay through credit cards, government and cashier’s checks and money orders. Unlike in some other states, there is no fee waiver available for certain agencies and nonprofit organizations. All applicants are liable to pay the full amount for the search requested. This amount cannot be reduced as it is set by the state.