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An outstanding warrant in Oklahoma is a formal judicial document that orders the police to apprehend a person accused of a crime and bring him before the court so that criminal proceedings can be initiated against him. No different from an active warrant, an outstanding order for arrest is just a legal order that has stayed in the police database because it could note served for one or another reason.

Because the police are legally obligated to serve warrants as soon as possible and they are given broad powers to facilitate the arrest of the individual in question, local law enforcement inevitably rallies the support of justice agencies cross the country by sending information about all outstanding warrants from Oklahoma to the Federal bureau of Investigation.

It is the norm for every arresting officer to run the name of an offender through this central criminal database regardless of how trivial the offense committed by this person is. This is done to ensure that there aren’t any other warrants in the name of the individual who is to be fined or detained. If an outstanding warrant is found against this person, depending on the nature of the crime, he/she will be deported to the county in which this judicial order was released.

How serious is an outstanding warrant from Oklahoma?

An arrest warrant is among the rare breed of legal provisions that cannot be issued by the tribunal of its own accord. This simply means that although these directives come from the court, the police are involved when it comes to their issue. Because the release of an active warrant signals the entry of the state’s prosecution powers in the criminal matter, this is not an order that can be treated lightly.

Hence, the judiciary is appointed as the deciding entity that studies the evidence in the hands of the police for merit and issues the warrant only after ascertaining that there is probable cause in the case. Once a warrant is issued, it is not recalled unless another person is held culpable for the criminal act essentially eliminating the probable cause that existed against the accused.

Typographical or other minor errors do not make any difference to the powers of the warrant and these cannot be the basis for recalling the order. So, it would be safe to suggest that warrants for arrest do not go out of effect till such time that the offender in question is arrested. Also, these decrees are free from geographical and time limitations. So, they can be executed by police officers from any part of the country.

Information on Oklahoma Warrants

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections maintains all outstanding warrants in the state through their Warrants Division. This agency is responsible for serving and recalling warrants and at any given time they are in charge of executing and maintaining no less than 45,000 warrants. The office of the agency is open 24/7 and they receive hundreds of calls for the validation and verification of warrants each day.

This department also has the job of entering information pertaining to all outstanding warrants from Oklahoma into the database maintained by the National Crime Information Center. It is possible to get in touch with the Warrants Division to inquire about any arrest orders in the name of your subject. Simply get in touch with the agency at 405-713-2042.

Alternatively, you could also get in touch with the sheriff’s office of your county or the clerk of court’s department. A visit to the office of the magistrate will also be able to get you details on any outstanding warrants against a person of your knowing.