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People often wonder about the agencies they can connect with for an arrest warrant search in Pushmataha County, OK. As an applicant looking for data on arrest records and active warrants, you have the option of choosing a state agency for the data or enlisting the help of a private player. There are pros and cons to both these approaches.

Let us take the example of third-party agencies that offer crime history information. These agencies can get you details on Pushmataha County arrest warrants and criminal occurrences from the other 49 states. They provide this information through their websites, and the data is accurate because it is collected from government sources.

However, the results of your inquiry on arrests and warrants will have no legal or formal standing if they do not come from an official source. To put it simply, if the information is your only goal, these sites will work quite well for you, but if you need to furnish this report for employment, adoption, or immigration, pick a state agency.

At this time, the sheriff, county clerk, and magistrate’s offices offer information about Pushmataha County arrest records and outstanding warrants. To petition them, you will have to visit the department office in person or write to them at the addresses listed below. Be prepared to pay a small fee, whether you are going through state or private agencies.

  • The sheriff’s department: 207 SW 3rd St, Antlers, Oklahoma 74523
  • The magistrate’s court: 302 SW B St, Antlers, OK 74523
  • The county clerk’s office: 304 Southwest B Street, Antlers, Oklahoma 74523

With annual crime figures that seldom cross into the 250 incident mark, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma, seems like scores of other geographical divisions in the state. However, what sets the county apart is the higher than normal violent crime rate, which stands at 20% of the annual criminal incident average.

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