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An active arrest warrant issued in Pottawatomie County, OK, is nothing but a written order issued by the local criminal court to arrest the individual in whose name the decree has been released. It is procured by approaching the sitting magistrate of a judicial entity authorized to deal in criminal matters.

While it is normal for most arrest warrants to be executed within a short while after their release, those that cannot be served are stored in the county and national level databases as outstanding warrants. Once served, they are returned to the issuing authority for filing.

So, for information on arrest records and a warrant search, you can either contact the local law enforcement agency or branch of the judiciary. The sheriff’s department is located at 325 N Broadway, Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801, and you can call them on 405-273-1727. However, as per the rules, they will not give you information on warrants unless you show up in person.

For the judiciary, you can either go with the magistrate’s court or the county clerk’s office. Both are located at 325 North Broadway Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801. To call the clerk of court, dial 405-273-8222 or fax on 405-275-6898, and to reach the magistrate’s office, call on 405- 273-3624. Both agencies maintain copies of the court dockets, which are nothing but written records of all cases brought before the judiciary.

When compared to other counties of its size, Pottawatomie ranks high on the criminal incident scale. However, despite the worrisome scenario, police have been able to do little to curb the growing menace of anti-social activities in the county. Since 1999, the crime average for Pottawatomie has increased by an astounding 60% plus. In terms of violent crime, at the start of the decade, only about 100 cases were being filed each year, but this has since increased to over 200 complaints being lodged yearly.

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