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In Kiowa County, OK arrest warrant searches can be started by visiting the local justice agencies. In fact, all state departments that are in any way involved in the issue of active warrants will keep and offer information on these legal directives. So, it would help to know a little about the process used for the release of these detention directives before you launch your search.

In a chronological order, the police department comes in first when talking about arrest warrants because the police not only investigate all criminal occurrences but also they file the petitions for the issue of all Kiowa County active warrants. This is the agency that conveys information pertaining to the commissioning of a crime and the evidence collected against the perpetrator to the judiciary.

These details are studied by the sitting judge who has the legal obligation to ascertain that the proof against the suspect is enough to prove to anybody of sound mental faculty that the crime was indeed commissioned by the accused. Once probable cause has been ascertained, the magistrate signs the active warrant without further ado, putting it into effect.

While the judge is deliberating on the evidence and the police are busy trying to ensure that the witnesses are lined up incase their testimony is required, the county clerk’s office performs the vital function of recording information. So, along with the police and the court, they also have details on the issue of outstanding warrants and arrest records from Kiowa County.To initiate an inquiry on warrants and arrests, you can visit the offices of these agencies in person at:

  • The police: 301 South Jefferson Street, Hobart, Oklahoma 73651
  • The county clerk: PO Box 854, Hobart, Oklahoma 73651
  • The court of the magistrate: 316 S Main St, Hobart, OK 73651

The police in Kiowa County, Oklahoma receive no less than 190 criminal complaints every year. Of the reports filed, approximately, 35 are filed in matters pertaining to violence including such crimes as murder and rape. From 2001 through 2008, there was a decrease in the crime rates of the area with violent crime figures plunging by over 20% and a decline of almost 50% in reported criminal activity.

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