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Have you ever wondered what is an arrest warrant and should you be worried about one out in your name? An active arrest warrant issued in Creek County, OK, is essentially a judicial decree that orders the police to apprehend and detain an individual till he/she is presented before a court.

Because both the judiciary and the local law enforcement agency play a part in the release of an arrest warrant, information on these orders and other arrest records are maintained by both. Apart from this, all active arrest orders that do not get served are stored in a central, national crime database in the form of outstanding arrest warrants.

As a civilian, you will not be allowed access to this database. However, if you would like to do a warrant search in your own name, you can always use a third-party online database that offers arrest information from all over the country. Fill in the form above to access such a repository.

On the other hand, if you would rather approach the police or the courts for these details. Visit the sheriff’s office in person at 316 East Lee Avenue, Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066, or you could make a formal request in writing and mail it to PO Box 927, Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74067.

 Remember that the law enforcement agency is under no obligation to provide warrant information on the phone. However, in the interest of community safety, they have included a most wanted list page on their site at

The county clerk’s office for Creek County, OK, is located at 222 East Dewey Avenue  Sapulpa, OK 74066, United States. This agency maintains the court dockets that hold information on all cases, including civil and criminal matters.

Finally, also pay a visit to the magistrate’s court when looking for warrant records. It is located at 222 E Dewey Ave, Sapulpa, OK 74066.

A look at the crime statistics for the decade that started in 1999 and ended in 2008 shows that there has been an alarming rise of almost 60% in criminal activity in Creek County, OK. This has resulted in a sharp increase in the annual crime figures, currently standing at almost 1500 incidents per year.

What are your options for finding details on warrants and recent arrests from Creek County over the phone? (2021-current)           

  • Creek County recent arrests: (918-224) 4964.
  • Current inmate records: (918) 227-6371.
  • Details about a criminal case filed by you: (918) 227-6374.
  • Warrants search: (918) 227-0911/3702/4080.
  • Crime victim assistance: (918) 224-3921.
  • Judicial information, including case records: (918) 227-2525.

Crime statistics of Creek County

In 2019, the Sheriff’s Department of Creek County dealt with about 440 criminal complaints. Property offenses accounted for 374 of these complaints. There are 178 larceny-theft cases, 126 burglary cases, and 70 vehicle theft cases in this category. Around 45 instances of assault and 14 of rape were a part of the complaints filed against violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

Between 1999 and 2008, there were 14,685 total crimes reported in Creek County, Oklahoma (1,093 of them violent). Of the 1,469 crimes per year in Creek County, close to 50% transpire less than one mile from home. On average, someone is a victim of a crime in Creek County, Oklahoma, every 5 hours. This includes 11 murders, 127 rapes, and at least ten thousand thefts (including 1,246 car thefts).

In the most recent 10 years, crime data were available in Creek County, Oklahoma, for all 10 years. Throughout that period, reported crime in Creek County has risen by 50%. Throughout that same period of time, violent crime climbed by 60%. By and large, the crime data indicate a significant rise in crime over the last 10 years in Creek County. If the current trend continues, predicted crime numbers could hit at least two thousand for Creek County, Oklahoma, in 2009.

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