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So, where can you start an arrest warrant search in Washita County, OK? The answer to that question is not as straight forward as one would imagine. After all, it is choices galore when it comes to seeking crime history data. In fact, while just about every government agency can tell you about outstanding warrants and arrest records, for a well rounded background report, you will need to approach the right agency and here are your options:

The police: Cops are involved in criminal matters since the time they receive the complaint; over time, they procure Washita County active warrants and make arrests. So, they are bound to have an extensive amount of information on all criminal cases. In addition, the police are also held responsible for serving bench warrants which are primarily used by civil courts.

The county clerk: This agency keeps court dockets for all tribunals in the judicial network of the area. So, you can find details on criminal matters and civil cases from them. What’s more is that they let you access their court dockets database without any interference. So, this is both a convenient and a free option to look for details on Washita County arrest warrants.

The magistrate: The sitting judge issues all legal orders based on the proof brought before the court by the police. So, you can find details on summons, warrants, subpoenas and more from the magistrate’s court.

Contact information

  • The sheriff’s department: 400 N. McClary St, Cordell, Oklahoma 73632
  • The magistrate’s court: 111 E Main St, Cordell, OK 73632
  • The county clerk’s office: PO Box 380, Cordell, Oklahoma 73632

Washita County, Oklahoma has quite a low crime rate at less than 80 recorded incidents per annum. Yet, the figures of violent crime portray a concerning figure at 20% of the annual crime average. To add to the worries of the residents, there has been a rise of almost 60% in the incident rate of this crime category

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