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How will you know if a newfound friend or a professional acquaintance has red flags in his/her background that can hurt your association or even endanger the safety of your business and loved ones? The only way to find out if a person you know has a history of being involved in illicit acts is to conduct a warrant search in Ottawa County, Oklahoma. For this, you can go through two channels.

If you are looking for active warrants against a person only in a bid to safeguard your interests, an online search should do just fine. Fill the form above to access a privately maintained repository of arrest records from Ottawa, OK.

However, if you need information on outstanding warrants against your subject because you intend to offer him/her a job in your organization or would like to furnish a background report to gain employment, you will have to approach a state department for records on Ottawa County arrest warrants. Three of the departments that you can head to in your search for these details are:

The police: They will do a warrant search through their criminal database when you file a formal request for such an inquiry. Generally, you will be charged a small fee for their troubles, and you will be handed a detailed background report on the subject within a few days. To get in touch with the sheriff’s office, go to 28 B St SE, Miami, Oklahoma 74354.

The judiciary: You can approach the magistrate’s court and the office of the county clerk for criminal records in the area. While the former actually issues active warrants to the police, the latter is known to keep records for the state’s entire judicial system in their database of court dockets. Head to 102 East Central, Suite 203, Miami, Oklahoma 74354 for the county clerk’s office and 102 E Central Ave, Miami, OK 74354 for the magistrate’s court.

Can you get details about Ottawa County recent arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-data)        

  • For general law and order concerns, contact the Sheriff’s Department at (918) 542-2806, option-1.
  • To get a copy of an accident or arrest report, contact the agency at (918) 542-2806, opotion-3
  • To get information on a recent arrest, contact the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department at (918) 542-2806, option-2.
  • To discover how to get access to criminal case records and details on warrants, contact the Clerk of Court’s office at (918) 542-2801.
  • To inquire about help available for a crime victim, contact the District Attorney’s Office at (918) 542-5547.

Crime statistics of Ottawa County

Between 2018 and 2019, Ottawa County’s overall crime rate decreased by 21%. In 2019, the local police handled 137 complaints, compared to 175 complaints in 2018. Around 122 of these cases were for property crimes, with the most common offense being larceny-theft. The filing of 15 complaints stemmed from violent incidents.

Older crime statistics

In Ottawa County, nearly 900 criminal occurrences are reported to the cops on an annual basis. Of these reports, almost 9% are against violent crimes. Through the ten years from 1999 to 2008, there was a gradual increase in the rates of violent criminal acts of almost 25% but overall reported crime did go down by nearly 20%.

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