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For a warrant search in Lincoln County, Oklahoma, you will have to rely on a government agency or a private information vendor who offers details on active warrants through an online database. If you are looking for a state source of details on arrest records, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s department: 811 Manvel Suite 14, Chandler, Oklahoma 74834
  • The office of the clerk of court: PO Box 126, Chandler, Oklahoma 74834
  • The magistrate’s court: 811 Manvel Ave, Chandler, OK 74834

On the other hand, if you are more comfortable doing an online search for arrest warrants from Lincoln County, fill the form given above, and you will be offered access to a third-party database of criminal records from all over the country. Before you decide on the option you should pick, it would help you understand that a warrant search initiated through a government agency will only get you records from within the state.

The police will not tap into the FBI repository of nationwide records in response to your inquiry. In contrast, an online database will have records on outstanding warrants from Lincoln County and the rest of the country. So, it will not only be simpler to use such a site but also you will get more accurate and extensive results when you use such a database.

The sheriff’s office holds all active warrants upon release because law enforcement officials are tasked with executing these arrest orders. It will also be worthwhile to understand here that arrest warrants are only issued at the behest of the cops or the state prosecution team.

What phone numbers should you be dialing for a warrants search or arrests inquiry in Lincoln County? (2021-Update)  

  • (405) 258-1191 -Call for information about recent arrests.
  • (405) 258-9933 -Call for a non-emergency complaint and general details.
  • (405) 275-6800 -Call for victim’s assistance.
  • (405) 258-1254 -Call for details on warrants.
  • (405) 258-1309 -Call for initiating a search for judicial records.

Crime statistics of Lincoln County

In 2019, the Lincoln County Police filed 337 criminal cases, as opposed to the 301 crimes handled in the previous year. These included 289 crimes against property and 48 crimes against persons.

Of the property crimes, 132 were larceny thefts, 110 were burglaries, and 47 were motor vehicle thefts. Of the violent crimes 31 were aggravated assaults, 12 were rapes and 4 were robberies.

Older crime statistics

Lincoln, Ok, has a low crime average when compared with the other counties of the state. With an annual incident average of less than 500 and fewer than 12% of these attributed to violent crimes, the area residents have little to worry about. Yet, the estimated rise of almost 40% in the averages of violent and reported criminal acts has made most people sit up and take notice.

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