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In Tillman County, OK, an arrest warrant search can easily be launched through one of the state agencies mentioned later in this article. However, before you go running to a state department to find information on arrest records and wants, you should understand the legal standing of such orders and how they are issued.

The issue of arrest warrants in Tillman County

The judiciary governs the release of all active warrants issued in the area. The police are expected to petition the court for warrants, which are granted based on the evidence presented before the bench and its sufficiency in establishing probable cause. This is a legal term that frequently comes to light when talking about orders for arrests.

Reasonable or probable cause refers to the adequacy of the proof, including witness testimony, in establishing the culpability of the accused. The information offered by the sheriff’s office should not only be enough to convince the judge but any person of reasonable mind. Once an arrest warrant is signed, it is considered to be in effect, and the police are allowed to make arrests under the order.

The execution of active warrants

The police can enter private properties, including the home of the accused, when serving outstanding warrants. Furthermore, detentions can occur in any part of the country and at any time. Active warrants do not lapse, which means that they can even be served a decade after being issued.

Finding information on Tillman County arrest records and outstanding warrants

To launch an arrest warrant search, you can go to:

  • Law enforcement: 1200 South Main St, Frederick, Oklahoma 73542
  • Judiciary: 102 S Main St, Frederick, OK 73542
  • County clerk: Corner Of 10th and Gladstone, Frederick, Oklahoma 73542

How do I obtain arrest records and warrant information from Tillman County over the phone? (Valid until 2021)              

  • Recent arrests: Tillman County Jail- (580) 335-2427.
  • Arrest Records/Incident Reports/Accident Reports: Sheriff’s Office-(580) 335-3013.
  • Warrants-related questions: Trial Court- (580) 335-3710.
  • Victim support and information: District Attorney’s Office- (580) 335-2458.
  • Criminal case records: Clerk of Court-(580) 335-3023.

Why should you look for information on arrest warrants?

In 2019, the Tillman Sheriff’s Office received 28 criminal complaints, which were filed against 27 property offenses and 1 violent crime. The single complaint in the violent crime category was against aggravated assault, while the cases filed against property crimes were against 11 larceny thefts, 14 burglaries, and 2 motor vehicle thefts.

Older crime statistics

Over the past few years, Tillman County, Oklahoma’s crime rates have gone from bad to worse, showing an increase of 13% in terms of violent crime. On average, almost 200 criminal complaints are filed with the local police every year, and in half of these cases, people are victimized when within a one-mile radius of their home/office.

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