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For all records about arrest warrants from Custer County, Oklahoma, you will have to go to the police or the magistrate’s court. Because the former is in charge of executing active warrants and the latter issues these detention orders, they obviously have all information about these and other judicial instruments.

In fact, arrest orders and active warrants from Custer County are only issued after the police file a petition for them. The judge closely studies the affidavit and ensures that there is enough evidence against the person in question to justify the release of such legal instruments, which can have a marked bearing on an individual’s freedom.

While outstanding warrants have indefinite validity, a bench warrant, a detention order issued when a person fails to appear in court or obey a directive, seldom stays in effect for more than 90 days. Also, unlike a bench order for arrest, which can only be served within the bounds of the issuing county, a Custer County active warrant is valid all across the nation.

This means that an alleged offender can be picked up from any state and area when a warrant is issued against him in a criminal matter. Apart from the police and the magistrate’s office, arrest records and information about active warrants are also kept by the department of the clerk of court.

Because this branch of the judiciary acts as the records-keeping agency of the state’s entire judicial system, you will find court dockets on civil and criminal cases from this source. For a warrant search, you can get in touch with these state departments at:

  • The sheriff: PO Box 40, Arapaho, Oklahoma 73620
  • The magistrate: 675 B St, Arapaho, OK 73620
  • The clerk of court: Broadway and B Streets, Arapaho, Oklahoma 73620

How can you get a copy of an arrest report or information on outstanding warrants from Custer County over the phone? (Updated-2021) 

  • If you want to know about arrests, use the phone number of the Custer County Sheriff’s Office- (580) 323-1616.
  • If you need information on victim’s assistance, get in touch with the Victim Coordinator at (580) 323-3232.
  • If you want to know how to obtain criminal court records or conduct a warrants search, contact the Clerk of Court at (580) 323-3233.

Crime statistics of Custer County

The Custer Sheriff’s Office received 125 criminal complaints in 2019, as opposed to the 86 cases reported in 2018. These included 113 non-person crimes and 12 violent crimes.

The non-person crimes category included 56 larceny thefts, 44 burglaries, and 13 motor vehicle thefts. The violent crimes category included 9 aggravated assaults and 2 rapes.

Older crime statistics

Nearly 700 incident reports are received by the police of Custer County, OK, every year. So, from 2001 to 2008, almost 5000 crimes occurred in the area. While most of these incidents were thefts, over 10% of them were against violent crimes. Also, there has been an increase of almost 70% in the rate of violent criminal activity in the area.

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