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Searching for arrest warrants in Osage County will require a trip to either the Sheriff’s Office or the Clerk of Court’s office. Neither office maintains online records for the public to use, nor will either office give you information by telephone. Therefore, if you believe you or someone you know has an arrest warrant pending, you should visit both offices to ensure that you conduct a complete warrant search for all arrest warrants pending in Osage County.

The Sheriff’s Office is the first place to begin your warrant search in Osage County since it executes arrest warrants for the county. This office has the task of serving and executing arrest warrants that the court signs. You can view a list of the county’s featured fugitives online, as well as get information about current inmates. To get information about outstanding warrants and arrest records, contact the Sheriff’s Office in person at 900 S. St. Paul Avenue, Pawhuska, OK 74056 (telephone: 918-287-3535).

To complete a warrant search, you should research the criminal court cases in Osage County because most criminal cases begin with an arrest warrant. The Court Clerk maintains records for all criminal cases filed within Osage County. Contact the office at 600 Grandview Avenue, Pawhuska, OK 74056 (telephone: 918-287-4104). You can search for active court cases and obtain copies of court records through the Clerk’s Office.

To view a list of the state’s most wanted fugitives and a list of current escapes, access the Oklahoma Department of Corrections website.

Osage County, OK crime data

From 1999 through 2008, there were approximately 10,000 crimes committed in Osage County. Of those crimes, almost 1,600 them were considered violent. The majority of crimes committed within the county were related to either theft or burglary. During this 10-year period, crimes rose by almost fifty percent.

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