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Active warrants from Choctaw County, Oklahoma are not bound by time; this means that such arrest warrants can remain in the system for several decades after release. Known as outstanding warrants, such pending arrest orders have the same powers as a newly issued detention decree. They can be served in any county across the state or country without any thought given to the time at which the arrest is effected.

Several justice agencies hold arrest records and information on warrants; among these are:

The sheriff’s office: The police department keeps records of all criminal matters that occurred in the county. You will find facts on specific cases from this agency along with such generic details as a most-wanted list, county crime statistics, and more. To visit the law enforcement agency’s office, go to 305 E Jefferson, Hugo, Oklahoma 74743.

The magistrate’s office: The sitting magistrate acts as an impartial judicial representative of the state who decides on the merits of the case brought against the accused by the police. Unless the judge signs an arrest order, it does not become an active warrant. When you approach this agency for a Choctaw County warrant search, you can also find records about specific criminal cases. To get in touch with the magistrate’s court, go to 300 E Duke St, Hugo, OK 74743.

The office of the clerk of court: The deputies of the Choctaw County clerk are responsible for preparing the court dockets and maintaining a database of these records. Members of the public are granted access to this repository upon request. This agency can also be found at 300 East Duke, Hugo, Oklahoma 74743.

How do you request information on Choctaw County warrants and arrests over the phone? (As of 2021)              

  • Recent arrests related details: (580) 326-2000.
  • Arrest report and police records: (580) 326-2130.
  • Information on Victim/Witness assistance: (580) 286-7611.
  • Inquiries pertaining to outstanding warrants: (580) 326-3384.
  • Questions about judicial records access: (580) 326-7554.

Crime statistics of Choctaw County

The Choctaw County Sheriff’s Office handled 126 criminal complaints in 2019, compared to 156 in 2018. Of these, 79 were property offenses, and 47 were violent offenses. The reported crimes included: 34 larceny thefts, 28 burglaries, 17 auto thefts, and 47 aggravated assaults.

Older crime statistics

A look at the crime figures of Choctaw County, OK, from 2001 to 2008 reveals that nearly 3300 criminal complaints were filed during this period, of which almost 500 were cases against violent criminal acts. This puts the annual crime average of the area at about 400 incidents. While there was a rise of nearly 20% in reported crime rates through this interval, violent crime plunged by an estimated 50%.

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