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Like a lot of other counties in the state, it is not possible to conduct an online warrant search for Bryan County, Oklahoma. This means that you will have to visit a state office in search of information on arrest warrants. Before you drive down a few miles for these details, it would certainly help you learn about the various government agencies that maintain arrest records and information related to active warrants.

The police: The sheriff’s office keeps the information about every crime committed in the area and arrests records in the matter. Apart from details of the criminal history of a specific individual, cops can also help with generic data about illegal activities in the county, such as the most wanted list, crime averages, annual totals along with trends, and also data on legal provisions used in civil matters which are sent to them for execution.

To get in touch with the sheriff’s office, you will have to go to 402 W Evergreen St, Durant, Oklahoma 74701 or call on 580-924-3000.

The judiciary: Both the magistrate’s office and the clerk of court will be able to initiate a Bryan County warrant search for you. In fact, because the former is in charge of issuing such arrest orders, you will find information on the oldest outstanding warrants with them.

The county clerk and his deputies collect records of trial proceedings and maintain them in the form of court dockets. A database of these dockets for both the civil and criminal tribunals in the area is made available through the public service terminals at the justice center. To contact these judicial agencies, you will have to go to or mail in your inquiries at:

  • The magistrate’s court: 402 W Evergreen St, Durant, OK 74701
  • The county clerk’s department: Same as above.

Nearly 12,000 crimes occurred in Bryan County over the decade that ended in 2008. This puts the annual crime average of the period at almost 1200 incidents. Fortunately, of these, only about 10% were attributed to violent criminal acts. Overall, there has been a rise of 60% in reported and violent crime in the area.

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