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Before issuing an arrest warrant, a judge must find that probable cause exists to believe that the suspect in question committed the crime. Probable cause is established when an officer submits a sworn complaint or gives sworn testimony to a judge setting forth sufficient facts for the judge to conclude it is reasonable to believe the crime was committed. Probable cause is not proof of guilt but simply the standard that must be met before an active warrant is issued. To do a warrant search in Carter County, begin by contacting the department in charge of serving arrest warrants – – the Sheriff’s Department.

Searching for arrest warrants in Carter County should include a stop at the Carter County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff is charged with executing and serving arrest warrants; therefore, his office will have records of outstanding warrants. Furthermore, you can also get information about arrest records for prior arrests. While there is no online search available, you can contact the Sheriff’s Office in person at 100 South Washington, Ardmore, OK 73401. The Sheriff’s website does offer online information about current inmates, unsolved mysteries, and sex offenders.

A warrant search is not complete without a search of the court records for Carter County. You can search court records through the Clerk of Court. The Clerk maintains records of all criminal cases filed in Carter County. According to the Clerk’s website, you can search for court records online; however, there is a fee for this service, and you must register. You can go in person to the Clerk of Court’s office and search court records during regular business hours and only pay for copies. The office is located at #20 B Street SW, Second Floor in Ardmore, OK 73402.

How do access arrest records and details on warrants from Carter County over the phone? (Valid in 2021)

  • To get information on inmate records or to do an inmate search, contact the Carter County Detention Center at (580) 221-5505.
  • To access arrest records, incident and accident reports, connect with the Sheriff’s Department at (580) 223-6014.
  • To access details on arrests, get in touch with the Trial Court at (580) 223-3803.
  • To speak with a victim advocate, contact the Carter County District Attorney’s Office at (580) 223-9674.
  • To access criminal case search reports, call the Clerk of Court at (580) 223-5253.

Carter County, OK crime data

Carter County’s crime rate went from 156 to 237 between 2018 and 2019. Property offenses received the most complaints, at 208 out of all the crimes reported in the year. In this category, 64 occurrences of burglary and 119 cases of larceny-theft were reported. Around 30 complaints were filed in 2019 due to violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

Carter County saw an increase in crimes over the 10 years from 1999 through 2008 of five percent. However, violent crimes rose over forty percent during that same period. There were approximately 21,000 crimes reported in Carter County, which averaged to a crime every four hours during that time. Of those crimes, almost one-half occurred less than one mile from the victim’s residence.

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