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McIntosh County, Oklahoma arrest warrants are directives from the local tribunals with criminal jurisdiction that serve as an order for law enforcement officials from all over the country to detain the said individual. Notice how there is no restriction of geography placed on such orders. Information about outstanding warrants from McIntosh is made available to police officers from within the county and elsewhere.

An active warrant issued in the area gives law enforcement agents the authority to enter the suspect’s home or office at any time to effect an arrest. Also, once detained, the individual in question can only secure his release from the judiciary and not the sheriff’s office. So, given the sheer legal clout of such an order, it is imperative to ensure that such a decree has not been issued in your name.

For this, you can get a McIntosh County warrant search done by using the form given above. Furnishing the basic information required will get you access to a privately maintained database of arrest records from all over the country. You can also approach the local police or the courthouse for such an inquiry.

The sheriff’s office does entertain requests for a search of active warrants from McIntosh, and while you are waiting for the reports of your inquiry, you can also take a look at the most wanted list for the area. Another way is to approach the magistrate’s office that issues such orders or take your search to the county clerk’s department, which keeps the court docket database. To connect with these state departments, head to:

  • The police: 1425 Industrial Drive, Eufaula, Oklahoma 74432
  • The county clerk’s office: 110 First Street, Eufaula, Oklahoma 74432
  • The magistrate’s court: 110 1st St, Eufaula, OK 74432

Except for a dip in 2004 and 2006, the crime rates of McIntosh County, OK, have held steady at nearly 500 plus incidents. Of these, no more than 40 were found to be complaints against violent acts of crime. In more than 50% of the criminal cases, the incident took place just a stone’s throw away from the victim’s home or office.

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