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Although the Rogers County clerk of court’s office is the “go to” place for a case search in the area, the court’s network of Oklahoma is also doing a fine job when it comes to the dissemination of judicial records online. If you do not fancy the idea of getting behind the wheel and visiting the county clerk’s department in person, you can always use this online facility.

A nifty tool is currently being offered on which can be used to find court dockets from Rogers County as well as the other parts of the state. Although the information may not be as up to date as what is kept by the local courts and the clerk’s office, it certainly serves as a good starting point for a case search.

Whether you are looking for court documents from Rogers County in person or are seeking these over the internet, you will need the name of the subject to start an investigation pertaining to all the litigations filed against or by this individual. Apart from this, you will also need to tell the deputies about the time period for which the inquiry is to be conducted.

For example, you can find court documents from Rogers County, OK that data back to a few months to a couple of years; it all depends on the kind and volume of information you are interested in. To have the case search handled, you would typically either go to one of the tribunals or the clerk of court’s staff. These agencies can be found at:

  • The County clerk’s office: 219 South Missouri Room 1-109, Claremore, Oklahoma 74017
  • The District Court:As above. This is the court of general jurisdiction hence it handles all serious criminal charges as well as civil actions.

To get in touch with a particular agency, you would either have to go to them personally or send your request for court dockets in writing.