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The Oklahoma County Clerk of Court’s Department has been charged with the responsibility of maintaining judicial records and disclosing them as and when required. They handle the dissemination of court documents that are kept in connection with criminal trials along with the court dockets that are connected to civil matters.

In both scenarios, the applicant will have to furnish the name of the subject before launching the Oklahoma County case search. Additional details may also be asked; typically these will include the birth date or even the social security number, which can help to ascertain the identity of this individual beyond doubt.

If you are looking for judicial records for a civil matter, you will still need to offer the litigant’s last name. In both cases, information about the attorney can also be used as the criteria for search, and you have to offer the specific time period for which the records have to be scoured.

You can use two online facilities for launching an inquiry on Oklahoma County court dockets. Take a look at http://www.oscn.net/applications/oscn/casesearch.asp this is the website of the OK state judiciary. So, by using their case search tool, you could get judicial records from all the geographical areas of the state.

If you are interested in exclusively finding court documents from Oklahoma County, OK, you can use the online portal http://www.oklahomacounty.org/courtclerk/. On the page, find the “demand court records” tab which is to your left. Click on this to access the case search form.

You can connect with the district court in 320 Robert S Kerr St, Rm 409 Oklahoma City, OK 73102, to find judicial records for the cases that have been handled by them. Except for court documents that have been sealed or expunged and juvenile records, you should be able find details on all cases from this source. The Oklahoma County Clerk of Court’s department is also located at this address.