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Cleveland County Judicial Records have been put up online by both the state judicial administration as well as the clerk of court’s office of the area. The court documents include a variety of case details, including information on the charges brought against the defendant.

Also, you can find data pertaining to the trial and the case verdict in the judicial records. This not only applies to criminal cases but also civil matters. To get a Cleveland County case search done, you can use two websites:


The search provisions on these websites are designed to work with the name of the subject as well as the attorney’s name and the court dockets number. If the latter is used, you will only be told about the specific legal matter that you are interested in. On the other hand, if you search with the name of the attorney, you will get judicial records of all the cases that have been handled by the lawyer.

If you are looking for a background report of a specific subject, you should use the name of this person. Furthermore, the court and the clerk of court’s office both advise people to incorporate additional search criteria such as the date of birth, which helps to bring back more accurate results.

To get in touch with the local general/trial jurisdiction tribunal, you will have to go to the 21st Judicial District Court at 200 S Peters Norman, OK 73069. They hear cases pertaining to criminal matters connected to felonious and misdemeanor charges. Also, the district court handles all civil actions, probate and family matters as well as small claims.

To access court documents from Cleveland County, OK, you can drive down to the courthouse at anytime between 8 am to 5 pm. The clerk of court’s department works out of 201 S Jones, #210 Norman, OK 73069 and they too can be approached for a case search.